The Systems Depletion. March 2013

While the spring ground is stinking and bleeding,
Deep within me the grief does not cease
Not the love but th feebly proceeding
Schizophrenia - that's what it is

When my land's covered by the putrescence
I feel sickness and no wish to think
Something nasty's invisible presence
Curbs in me e'en the longing to drink

I don't need a new intoxication
With the chest and the bottle of rum
All I want is my soul's renovation
But do realize - 'twill hardly come

In the dark I'm still encapsulated
Though the long years passed, nothing has changed
I still hate everything that's once hated,
Grieve in weakness and my teeth are clenched

Clenched with malice of course, and with ire
I despise mankind same as myself
All I write's just a shade of a lyre
All I am is the wreck of a health

For the decade I've no way nor mission
And my abstract rage won't find the aim
I'll o'erlive my main systems' depletion
But the world - it will ne'er be the same