350 Days Of Silence 28. 03. 13

Three hundred fifty days of silence
My inspiration unalloyed
Was lost among the deadly islands
Called Absence, Nothingness and Void

The overdose of the depressants
Put in a trance my faithful muse
Unable to revive her essence
My pains deserved a real abuse

It was disgustful and indecent
Concerning my old rhymes and prose
My guiding star - it no more glistened
And I've considered - it's the close

But not forgetting I am free-born
I could not tread another way
And though my sky's now bleak and ebon,
I yet have something else to say

My living always was aphotic
Not for the fools to reprehend
And my creation stays chaotic
Same as the beauty of my land

I'm thirty two; so, why the hell not?
I still can rule the wings of doom
Got grizzled through my cruel and fell lot?
That's right. But  -odi ergo sum-

Stuck in the lonely dereliction
I am. But 'tis my natural state
To bring the total malediction
I have to go on hate my fate

After the year-long brain's dilution
I am returned this loathsome spring
These lines are not the resolution
It's rather a new opening.