The Last Spring On The Earth. april 2012

Epigraph:  "...A hopeless scenario of apathy unleashed
A dreadful travesty captured and revealed
Shown under a cloak of loud indifference
Where the human stain kisses the pestilence..."

Yes, now we know - our epoch's dying
There are eight months remained at most
It's really near and none's denying -
The planetary holocaust

The population's got inhuman
The souls are sick, the minds are sore
And soon we'll witness the denouement
Of the unholy pointless war

This war was lost in the beginning
When man's decided to play god
But look around! Just death is winning
It turns the mortal breed to mud

Once as the fortress that's beleaguered
The nature was enforced to change
Today - distorted and disfigured
It has to do her right revenge

Born by the thousand-year collision
The Close - a million times foretold
Is here - it breaks the frail cohesion
Between the creatures of this world

The moral rot and the declension
Rule - everyone hates everyone
In the perversion slaves' dimension
The grand extinction has begun

And it's low-governed and well-founded -
The bloodwind fills the atmosphere
The Armageddon's fuel's compounded
This is the madness mixed with fear

And I - the lonely contemplator
May hail the last spring on the Earth
When all will end, reply, Creator,
If life is heinous, was it worth?