Observer Of Faceless Opaque 14. 09. 11

Epigraph:   "...Daylight left within a grand adieu
And I felt its twilight kiss
Dancing into my empty stare
Clad in a spectrum of dying colors
Peering through oblivion
Where memories lay waste and wild
Like fragments of a lamentation
Sleeping within a lie..."

Upon the dog's watch of the miracle's waiting
I've lived thirty one year in dolour and what?
My thirst for the truth now is slowly abating
'Cause none e'er can change my obscure lonely lot

In this rotten world I'd remain the beholder,
The buzzard who sits on the rock and looks down
Observing how grovel and morally moulder
The scoundrels who fight for the fools' master's crown

But my soul's the cemetery ground where the bier
Of passion and love is by concrete o'erflown
There's no more Valhalla with its amber pier
In my lightless dreams - just the awful unknown

I'd like to forget my impossible wishes,
I want my ice darkness to be not so dense
But same as the signs that are still inauspicious,
My future's concealed in the dismal suspense

I start to soliloquize - really go crazy
And let my delirious self understand:
Trudged too long the Path of Doom - thorny and mazy
I'm in the closed space at the labyrinth's end

There is no way out - 'tis the sorrow-built dungeon
In its cells my muses mourn silent and paled
The pain and the woe, the offence and the dudgeon
Have poisoned my mind and my spirit has failed

And thus, insignificant, plotless and saddened
I don't hope to see in the gloom a fanal
The voice of my lyre's by solitude deadened
The tune in my head's but the threnode from hell

So, e'en the mentality's global upheaval
Will not mend the life - God is deaf, man is mad
Today our ill earth is imbued with the evil
And only the faceless opaque lies ahead