The Breathing Of Lethe 12. 07. 10

In the bleak summer twilight when into the ether
Rises up the undone souls' disconsolate cry,
I stand here, watch the pillars of smoke and dust dither
O'er the western horizon's line - dim and awry

There's my past burnt to ash and the pledges retracted
There's the native ground ravaged and razed by the foes
If distress Is a plague, I am deadly infected
And for what I exist yet, no fucking one knows

I am hopelessly stuck in the being's blind alley
It's the wild painted black that no sun can illume
My world rests at the rocks like a wrecked pirates' galley
Midst the pestilent sea on the island of doom

I have learned the morbiferous history's lessons
Though I'm old and exhausted, the heart's wounds still bleed
My last love was the torch faded in the nigrescence
And the flowers of passion have turned to the weed

That was fair in the prime - to the fervor addicted
I forgot 'bout the horrors and deaths on my land
Now I'm lonely again with my deep scars afflicted
Why it's always so? This thing I can't comprehend...

As the midnight in hell is my present condition
The cold blanket of solitude covers my brain
In my dreary impasse reigns the global perdition
And alone I can't tear the cruel fate's tangled skein

Once immured in the void of the gloomy seclusion
Then too easily bribed by the woman's caress
I'm today unreceptive to any infusion
Of expectance or faith. They won't let me mourn less

My sweet girl's out of reach. She's the ill nature's daughter
I just sense the Lethean stream's breath fills the air
There's another life somewhere beyond the dark water
And if I will leave first, I'll await my love there