The Final Sign Of Armageddon

       - necrology to the year' 2009 -

A nine completes the sacral row
Of melancholy and dejection
I'm walking through the falling snow
To see the tomb of my affection
Upon the graveyard of my past
The freezing fog enshrouds the spaces
I know the time to love fleets fast
And death in any case outpaces
Twelve months of one more year passed by
What have they added to my story?
All that appeared before my eye
Was the incarnate shit, i'm sorry
My cruelly wounded sutured soul's
Got stark in the inaction's dimness
Jailed by the solitude's blank walls
I grew benumbed and almost dreamless
Grief, hatred and despair have brought
The sacred promises' defeasance
I mourn though understand - such lot
Is grounded on the host of reasons
Amidst the lonesome cemetery
I feel the stupor of my nous
My minstrelsy will scarce break free
From the prostration's charnel-house
And not a hindsight can unleash
My spirit; there's no way to haste it
I have now just the single wish -
To stop regret about the wasted.

Our planet's dying, 'tis aright
And in a boat without the rower
My outness drifts across the night
Upon the pitch-black stream to nowhere
A new morn as the hemlock's root
Grants me another poison's potion
I recognize - my present route
Is but the mental contramotion
And every minute on this course
The woe enwinds my mind a creeper
But I can't turn backwards because
I share my travel with the Reaper
What is the life bereft of joy?
The dead man's truncated vacation
Its days of decadence annoy
Its nightmares quell my dark creation
And I'm too old to crush the foe
Or to shake off my former habits
While rising from the deep below
The spawn of evil breeds like rabbits
So, soon mankind will find its end
Decayed and rotten in the midden
I e'en don't want to reprehend
The world, I'm here a guest unbidden...
I strove to leave my verse... to whom?
Let my distresses stay unspoken
Around me reigns the total doom -
The final Armageddon's token