Cry for Peace

Let's start an intermixing school for kids
Where they will learn of tolerance and peace.
They are our future and they are our seeds
And we don't want their life to go amiss.
Let's plant the seeds of love when they are young.
When bias hasn't poisoned their heart.
When hateful speech is not their mother tongue.
When they can tell the right and wrong apart.
When innocence is guiding all their deeds.
When they aren't born to die as sacrifice.
So all the Muslim, Jewish, Christian kids
Can have the childhood free from pain and vice.
We all have families that suffer day and night
From all the losses, tears and constant stress.
We all have government that isn't always right
And plays with lives like its a game of chess.
But politics, they can't be black and white!
They're meant to help, but still more problems dwell.
So even when you take a certain side,
Opposing motives try to see as well.
Your every thought, my friend, and every deed
Can put an end to this atrocious war.
Don't let the tribal feelings take the lead.
We're really not that different at core.
The common people, not the terrorists,
We all want peace and safety for our kids.
But trust me if this prejudice persists
It will get worse since history repeats.
Please, tell me, why are we so filled with spite?
Why can't we all just try to get along?
And if religion teaches us to fight
Then maybe we're interpreting it wrong.
I cannot wait when all this fighting ends,
When we shake hands rather than wave our fists.
When bias doesn't guide our choice of friends.
As kids we didn't know such hate exists.
So let us come together and unite!
Let's live the life of harmony and bliss!
Heart gets so heavy when its filled with spite,
So spread the word and share this cry for peace!

Unfortunately people are unable to live in peace. Our prays for Ukraine and our safety future. Hope Russia turns to be innocent and pure.

A perfect and up-to-day poem. My admiration.

Анна Хонькина   04.08.2014 12:18     Заявить о нарушении
Спасибо Анна!!!

Мария Брейман Шамкалян   29.08.2014 00:12   Заявить о нарушении