Janet Jackson

May 16th – Janet Jackson’s birthday.

Janet Jackson – a songwriter, dancer, actress, singer, author, producer.
She is of all internal and external resources consistent and mindful user.
Janet is also known for writing profound lyrics, braveness & innovation.
She’s captured all existing mediums – stage, radio, films and television.

She blends dance, pop, soul, R&B, funk, house, swing, jazz, hip-hop, rock.
Always proactive, Jackson keeps moving forward and never feeling stuck.
Janet experiments with the performing styles, showing her individuality.
She tends to be provocative on stage, while openly expressing sexuality.

Strong presence and mezzo-soprano voice with smooth & pleasant sound
Have been her signature along with smile, establishing her legacy ground.
Unique choreography, sharp performance, artistic integrity & sex appeal
Distinguish Janet from others, making her audience excited and thrilled.

Janet pursues theme of multiculturalism, female sexual freedom, equality.
For her contribution to music industry & humanity she gained popularity.
Jackson explores creative freedom, emotionality, invention & reinvention
With confidence, work ethics, discipline, assertiveness, vigor and passion.

She has exhibited strong will, responsibility, grown as an artist & evolved.
Janet is internationally respected, recognized, acclaimed, praised, loved.
Jackson ever surprises audience with inspiration, artistry and versatility.
Empowering people, she offers hope succeeding in a world of possibility.

May 16th – Janet Jackson’s birthday, we wish you to implement all goals.
You are appreciated for warming & encouraging all human hearts & souls.
Invaluable is your drive, hard work, persistence, enthusiasm & dedication.
You are a true example of strength & courage to new, current generation.

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