Calling my sirens

 Calling my sirens, I’m coming to you
 Dreams of the treasure in heaven I drew;
 Spellbound mirror of water reflects me,
 My voice attracts you with blindfold of mist…

 Calling my sirens, I open my eyes,
 Moment of truth to my sweet sacrifice..

 Calling my sirens, I’m breathing in tune
 With every wave under silvery moon;
 Break of the silence… be ready to dream
 Right in the heart of the ocean within

 Calling my sirens, I open my eyes
 Moment of truth to my sweet sacrifice…

 Believe me know, I'm here from
 The darkness of cold weeping night..
 Совместно с Мари Джейн ( )

Все-таки шикарную вещь придумали!))

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и надеюсь, что не последнюю))!

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