One step for the earth, one step for the clouds
Feeding private dreams to the hungry crowds
Reaching every minute higher than before
Delighted that the more you get, the less you hear “no”.

One step for the hell, one step for the heaven
Realizing dreams seven to eleven
Looking at the world with sad and tired eyes
Not sure you can stand your ground when deal comes to price.

You have trust issues
You`re losing faith
You question lovers
You question friends.
You make them nervous
They feel like things
Small and exposed
Under your wings.

One step for the throne, one step for the gallows
Desecrated dreams turning to nightmares
Nothing more to want, nowhere else to hide
Just how much time you have before you start to loose your mind?

All those around
Are in your debt
Including lover
And closest friend.
You stand alone
Each day on stage
And even home
Becomes a cage.

First step was for love, second was for glory
Hope when you crack someone will be sorry