Be Yourself

You all can make this world a better place,
You all can touch a heart after a heart.
If only you can learn how to embrace
The magic spark that sets us all apart.
We're different, each in a special way,
But all of us are born for something big.
Just let yourself stand out and so one day
You'll understand why you were born unique.
Creator has a purpose for each one,
But with a purpose also comes a choice:
To do what pays,  what's right, or what is fun?
Just pay attention to your inner voice.
Don't do what helps you pay your monthly bills
If you hate life for half a day at least,
Or if you drink anti-depression pills,
You better ask your boss to be released.
Don't do what friends are telling you,  you should.
It's not their life. It's yours and only yours.
It is your path that no one may intrude,
And following it will help the universe.