Nina Simone

February 21st – Nina Simone’s birthday.  In 2014 there is 81 years since she was born.

Nina Simone – talented jazz singer, pianist,
Songwriter, arranger and civil right activist.
Nina became a timeless legend in the world.
Her fate would individually play out, unfold.

Love, self-empowerment were Nina’s themes.
Her gift & drive helped her to pursue dreams.
Exhibiting her temperament and emotionality,
Nina conveyed unique & dignified personality.

Simone was distinguished by musical style,
Her deep contralto, vocal quality and smile.
She integrated gospel, blues, R&B, folk, pop,
Proceeding further and daring to never stop.

Vivid appeared Nina’s versatility & intuition.
A classical piano training set her on a mission.
She’s known as an eclectic singer who evolved,
By audience and colleagues respected & loved.   

Nina Simone was called “The Priestess of Soul,”
Determined to implement her ambition, goal.
Exotic & gifted performer exhibited her passion.
Through songs arrived true life story revelation.

Experiencing loneliness & misunderstanding,
In which she had succumbed & apprehended,
Simone’s dramatic life events affected health.
At 70 y.o. she had departed from earthy nest.

We think of Nina on 2/21, when she was born,
Still valuing her contribution, talent & mourn.
Simone’s intelligence, endurance was amazing.
Stage electricity, honesty, tenderness – dazing. 

Copyright©2014 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet