Ethel Merman

January 16th - Ethel Merman’s birthday.  In 2014 there is 105 years since she was born.

Ethel Merman – a talented Broadway performer, actress, singer, star.
She took an opportunity pursuing her ambitions, dreams & goals afar.
Ethel succeeded & became “First Lady of the musical comedy stage.”
With strong voice, she had attracted & engaged audience of any age.

Merman exhibited distinctive singing style, strength, courage and will.
Exuding enthusiasm, she knew how to shock her audience and thrill.
Ethel’s vocal delivery was technically flawless and artistically creative.
She had a reputation of being persevere, competitive & authoritative.

Her mezzo-soprano - impeccable, powerful, as was her diction & pitch.
Musical theatre was her predetermined mission, destiny, calling, niche.
Merman accomplished much acclaim, recognition, praise, appreciation.
Her fans, audience were grateful and generous with standing ovation. 

January 16th - birthday of Ethel Merman, a legend of her generation.
Incomparable, versatile, gifted, Ethel became a Broadway sensation.
While having done some film work, Ethel committed herself to stage.
She brought to theatre field an innovative transformation or change. 

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