Christina Aguilera

December 18th – Christina Aguilera’s birthday.

Christina Aguilera – eclectic, talented songwriter, singer, actress, producer.
The “Voice of a Generation” is of R&B, soul, pop music blend introducer.
She’s a performer who is ambitious, hard-working, persistent and daring.
For audience Christina is engaging, loving, dedicated, beautiful & caring.

Christina’s powerful soprano of 4 octaves & melismatic style– impressive.
Her image – constantly transforming, provocative, inventive & expressive.
Themes of her songs include love, happiness, grief, sadness & spirituality.
Ms. Aguilera explores life’s challenges, identity, childhood and sexuality.

Aguilera’s versatile, not stopping at the achieved and moving forward, far.
Although fulfilling her potential, calling, she has become pop idol and star.
Christina sings, writes songs while emphasizing depth and human equality.
She has exhibited a multifaceted, diverse, ever evolving nature, personality. 

Christina has involved in humanitarian matters, being proactive in charity,
Helping improve of disadvantaged life’s conditions, environment, quality.
Ms. Aguilera is sharp, generous, considerate, determined and enthusiastic.
Her contribution to performing arts and charity has been simply fantastic.

December 18th – Christina Aguilera’s birthday, we wish you all the best!
May you retain your vigor, mastery, strength, will, individuality and zest.
Wishing you lots of love, health, happiness, artistic freedom, inspiration!
As gifted artist & philanthropist you have deserved respect, appreciation.

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