A child again again at home

A child again – again at home
With buiscuits, milk and chocolate sauce.
The night is young, its monochrome’s
As mild as kitten’s paws

Don’t bark at me, oh faithful dog.
I’ve changed, but just a little.
I had a dream: cold heavy fog
And a stranger playing fiddle.

The sound called me.
Is it right
To follow expectations,
So warm and sweet?
Now, late at night,
I’m back without frustration.

The hands of time are resting still.
No hustle in the air.
A deep new breath, eternal chill.
It’s hightime to compare

Illusions of some years ago
And visions of the present.
How strange. Instead of a loud show –
A rehearsal. But still it’s pleasant

To wear the finest ever dress,
The most elegant knittings.
Who am I trying to impress?
Imaginary critics?

Some portraits. Sister, dad and mum
I haven’t seen for ages –
Just sit beside me, drink some rum.
God, thank you for the patience!

I’m here for a little while
Because the carriage’s waiting.
The fate has given one more mile
To me. The happy ending

Is far away. But still it hurts
To roam like a homeless ghost.