Wild Creature

I'm a freedom-loving creature,
Very difficult to tame.
And my most distinctive feature
Is my glance filled with a flame.
Burning like a real fire,
Hurting like a real knife,
Rather soon, like all those prior,
You'll be running for your life.
I'm Medusa from the legend.
I'm a siren in disguise.
I am worse than you've imagined.
Do not look into my eyes.
You don't want your friends to mourn you
As a man who played with fate.
Do not say I did not warn you.
Look away before it's late.
Oh, you think that you can tame me?
Keep in mind, as you proceed:
Many men have that been claiming,
None have managed to succeed.
Try if you think you're so clever,
I have warned you. That is all.
But I doubt that you will ever
Tame this freedom-loving soul.