Be The Change

We all are meant for something bigger.
Don't spend your life without an aim!
Get up, create, achieve, be eager
To mark the future with your name!
We all are born for something greater,
Than to just eat and procreate.
Do something now! There is no "later"!
Follow your path, embrace your fate!
We all possess a certain power
To be the change we want to see!
So be that change and do not cower!
Become courageous and proceed!
Don't spend your life on just existing.
You will regret it at the end.
Besides, why would you be resisting
What Heaven has already planned?
We all are born for something greater.
Don't waste your life on sitting still.
Do not embarrass the Creater
And find your purpose to fulfill.
And then your name will live forever,
And then your soul will feel content.
I wish you luck in this endeavor.
Achieve and never say "I can't"!

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