Who Am I?

Sometimes I am gothic, sometimes I am hipster,
Sometimes I wear colors like eggs do on Easter,
Sometimes I wear suits and sometimes I am sporty,
Sometimes I wear heels and sometimes I'm a shortie,
Sometimes I'm a tomboy, sometimes I am girly,
Sometimes hair is straight and sometimes it is curly,
Sometimes it is wavy, sometimes it's just messy,
Sometimes I look casual, sometimes I am dressy,
Sometimes I am sexy, sometimes I look geeky,
Sometimes I'm laid back and sometimes I am picky,
Sometimes I'm a kid and sometimes I'm mature,
Sometimes I'm seductive, sometimes I'm all pure,
Sometimes I am sweet and sometimes I am bitchy,
Sometimes I behave like a devilish creature,
Sometimes I'm an angel, although in disguise.
With me every minute is quite a surprise.
Sometimes I'm a punk and sometimes I'm a lady,
Sometimes I am open, sometimes - quite shady,
Sometimes I hear Miss and sometimes I hear M'am,
And it's up to you too decide who I am :-)