Katarina Witt

December 3rd – Katarina Witt’s birthday.

Katarina Witt – a legendary, talented athlete, Olympic champion in figure skating.
A German-born beauty, former model, ice sex symbol - charming and illuminating.
Known for winning 2 Olympic gold medals, 4 World, 6 European, Witt set record. 
She has succeeded with courage, will, determination, persistence, consistent effort.

Witt’s manifested on ice excellent technical skills, artistic gifts, creativity, sensuality.
She outstood with her unconventional, theatrical costumes, expressive individuality.
Katarina dominated figure skating for a long time, for own dreams she knew to dare.
She’s grown into an athlete-entertainer with innovative vision, originality and flair.

Witt has conveyed herself as confident, determined, passionate, driven and clever.
To charm, enchant or allure the audience, she naturally succeeds in each endeavor.
Flirtatious Katarina Witt, breathtaking Carmen - dream woman of millions of men.
Each one of them disarms, wanting to be her friend, lover, significant other or fan.

Witt has become a superstar, celebrity at home in Germany and in the entire world.
Her discipline, strong spirit, competitive ambitious nature made possible to afford.
Witt has delivered dramatic, ecstatic ice skating performances, exuding universality.
Thus, over the years, she has expanded her international fame, stardom, popularity.

Katarina has been engaged in various activities, exposed to capacities, versatility.
Coach, commentator, actress, moderator, producer, author – pragmatic sensibility.
Witt has successfully engaged in charity helping teenagers, children with disability.
Her contribution to society, sport, arts is valuable, and so is her vision and facility.

December 3rd – birthday of Katarina Witt, we wish you, Katarina, all of our best!
May you be happy & content, love what you do now and always, fulfilling quest!
We love, appreciate you, Katarina, you’ll always be in our souls, hearts, minds.
Please do what feels true and appropriate to you, reaching your higher heights.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

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