Britney Spears

December 2nd – Britney Spears’ birthday.

Britney Spears – a talented pop icon, singer, dancer, actress, songwriter.
For her musical dream, ambitions, goals she’s been a successful fighter.
Britney performed at concerts, acting and singing on stage & television.
She feels content pursuing her life-long true calling & fulfilling mission.

“Princess of Pop,” Britney received Grammy, MTV and Billboard awards.
Her femme fatale image, artistry, musical style the title embraces, affords.
She’s motivated to get on stage, engage the audience and spread joy, fun.
Charging emotionally her daring performances Spears’ continuously done.

At times fierce and provocative performer, she built her stardom, fame.
Spears’ husky voice, sexy attire, determination can drive her fans insane.
Her dance routine, soprano vocal range, confidence, rhythm, musicality
Have constituted Britney’s unique, professional, artistic, stage personality.

December 2nd – birthday of Britney Spears, we wish you more innovation.
You’re an American success story for people of younger, new generation.
May fate be good to you, as you pursue your further dreams, aspirations.
For your hard work, talents, achievements is our respect & appreciation.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet

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