Jean Wallace

October 12th – Jean Wallace’s birthday.  In 2013 there is 90 years since she was born.

Jean Wallace – a 1940s -1950s sexy blonde Hollywood actress and star.
Starting as fashion model, she moved to film and television, further, far.
Jean played various roles, yet mostly known for her parts in film noir.
She could have had expanded her acting niche or characters’ reservoir.

Madge, Poppy, Barbara, Edna, Katrina, Mary, Susan, Kelly, Bonnie…
In each of her roles, Wallace looked beautiful, appealing and stunning.
Ann, Julie, Guinevere, Elizabeth, Laura, Bess, Sylvia, Ziegfeld girl…
Jean Wallace had been good actress and enchanting lady like a pearl.

“Lancelot and Guinevere,” “Maracaibo,” “Jigsaw,” “No Blade of Grass”-
Wallace had moved from one motion picture or film to another fast.
“The Big Combo,” “Star of India,” “Storm Fear” and “Beach Red”…
Jean played from courtesan to journalist, with a variety she’s glad.

October 12th – birthday of Jean Wallace, we still remember her today.
Ms. Wallace succeeded on a big screen and television in her own way.
Her contribution to the performing arts had been imprinted in history.
Jean’s personal life seemed complicated and remains to be a mystery.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

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