It is probably me

You’ve seen an ordinary child,
But with the most encouraging smile ever.

                It was probably me.

And when you twig  a  fellow traveller with a back-pack full of experience…

                This is me as well.

When all the streets are crammed with brightness –
That is the kind of my sign and I am the brave rebel!

The chance to be changed fades due to the wish
Of getting rid of tightness and
of all the dreadful word you can ever spell.

When you hear the sound of the soon-coming spring,
But actually such is so far, -
You also conquer the distance toward the morning star.

And nothing’s impossible, despite thine internal despair,
Nevertheless, you’re waiting,
              thy soul is brimmed with confidence.

                And that is probably me!

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Un'Ora