Luchino Visconti

November 2nd – Luchino Visconti’s birthday.  In 2013 there is 107 years since he was born.

Luchino Visconti – gifted screenwriter, director of cinema, opera, theatre.
With aristocratic family and upbringing, he knew how to do things better.
Well rounded, Visconti studied theatre, music, art, falling in love with first.
He had invested talent, skill, time, effort, contributing to films his outmost.

Visconti’s niche, epoch embraced romanticism, realism and neorealism films.
His art amazed, continues to amaze the viewers, challenges minds and thrills.
Luchino –an inventor of the movement “Italian neorealism,” a true innovator.
He’d been of various cinematic, flawless and influential, masterpieces creator.

Visconti’s films were stylish, lavish, elegant, dramatic, cultural, intellectual,
Which earned him acclaim, recognition: Italian, European and international.
Luchino’s known as a perfectionist, versatile persona, virtuoso professional,
Conveying self as multi-faceted, novel, persistent, driven, multi-dimensional.

November 2nd – birthday of Luchino Visconti, devoted master of his trade.
His talent and contribution to film industry will never disappear or fade.
He emphasized, promoted social justice, compassion, love for humanity.
Without a doubt, Visconti eternally remains as extraordinary individuality.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

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