He was born anew

He was in the age of forty five,
When he'd done everything to be satisfied, alive.

His herritage is consindered to be the dull life,
Which he's spent with a terribly boring wife.

He was born anew in his forty five,
He started to feel the eld as a blade of a knife.

He started launching small paper air planes,
Tryin' another things which the life contains.

He allows himself to put up his feet,
And the life for him became something sweet.

His temporary dreams show the childhood's  wishes,
But today he knows: he doesn't need permitions.

He's started doing so unusual things,
With a feeling strangth behind - his wings.

The story shows us new born of a person,
Who is sure that life's quite big rehearsal,

That the life's unfair, meanwhile it's savage,
All of us can find something as andvantage
Of each other's life