George Gershwin

September 26th – George Gershwin’s birthday.  In 2013 there is 115 years since he was born.

George Gershwin was a brilliant American pianist, a genius composer.
Let’s take a look at his musical career, professional life a little closer.
Gershwin explored classical, jazz, opera, blues, pop, Broadway styles.
He had never given up, kept moving forward, succeeding in his trials.

George studied a traditional piano approach, evolving and innovating.
His rhythm, melody, tonality, integration of few styles was fascinating.
Gershwin’s distinguished by his vigor, versatility and determination.
He had deserved recognition from the world and an American nation.

George had discovered and established his own music style or voice.
Incorporating people’s thoughts and feelings in music was his choice.
He felt important to reflect the current time with its ups and downs.
Gershwin succeeded communicating it with his music form or sounds.

Gershwin was gifted with music play, composition and improvisation.
He had possessed strong will, ambition, courage, novelty, imagination.
Creating newer music had succeeded with his brother’s collaboration.
Together George and Ira Gershwin had made a music transformation.

September 26th – birthday of George Gershwin, we think of him today.
He wanted to create a new genre, which people liked and could relay.
George made a valuable contribution to music world and left his mark
In this dimension, while being remembered as an icon, legend, spark.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

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