Roberto Rossellini

May 8th – Roberto Rossellini’s birthday.  In 2013 there is 107 years since he was born.

Roberto Rossellini - a finest screenwriter, director, producer of Italian descent.
He had dramatically contributed to cinematography making a worldwide event.
Roberto’s stories in films were simple, truthful, penetrating, heartfelt, realistic.
He gravitated towards the actors who were unprofessional, emotional, artistic.

Roberto didn’t hesitate to experiment in terms of format, style, form, technicality.
His films or pictures had been recognized, distinguished by portraying daily reality.
Roberto Rossellini exuded passion, versatility, genuineness, intuition, rationality.
He had established foundation, left imprint in film industry by gifted individuality.    

Roberto had been known for his TV films, documentaries and biographical movies.
He left a legacy of genius filmmaking that still inspires people worldwide or infuses.
It was Rossellini who invented new genre, learning from his father, further evolving.
He was not only a great professional, but human being who was kind, caring, loving.

May 8th – birthday of Roberto Rossellini, who wanted to understand people’s reality.
Portraying it in movies was possible for him due to his talent, mastery and universality.
We still remember Mr. Rossellini who had inspired audience and fellow professionals.
He had deserved and earned his recognition, fame - domestic as well as international.

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

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