Высоцкий - Лукоморья больше нет. English


Curving Shore is gone for good.
Ancient oaks left no root.
Using oak for the parquet is ok.
Nonetheless a gang of guys
Didn’t want to be too nice.
They made coffins from green oaks.
Us it shocks.

Go, go, sadness, out of my chest.
This is not a story yet.
It is just a test.

Home’s beautiful it says
When on chicken feet it stands.
But a crackhead came to place as an ace.
He was handsome all in all,
With a witch danced rock & roll.
They had everything they want.
Place got burnt.

There were 33 knights of Russia on a spree.
They decided to create a decree.
Everyone assigned himself
Land, accumulated wealth,
Then began to drink again to the health.

Their uncle cut an oak
And tree bark put on a lock.
Then he barked on own kin like a dog.
And he cursed them every day
For the money outlay
Even though he got a lot all the way.

That’s correct what Pushkin said.
There was a savant cat.
But his end was so frustratingly sad.
As a wise guy - that’s no bluff -
A gold chain he sold and stuff
And, as never being dumb, bought some rum.

With his such a godly gift
In a business he was swift.
But he later got so drunk like a punk.
Running out of the luck
He then caught a heart attack.
And his corpse is in a grave.
All rights waived.

And a mermaid - what a freak! -
Learned to do a well-tried trick.
And once - what can be worse? - gave a birth.
Everybody in a line swears:“He cannot be mine.”
So, they called an army son that one.

And a sorcerer once
Picked a mermaid for a dance.
And he offered her his heart.
Ain't it art?
Then he promised in a tweet
That he'll take her with a kid.
And she's with an older male like in jail.

And that bearded Black Sea Man
Stole a Venus in a van.
He is devious so much. Thanks a bunch.
This is not an idle lie
That he’s capable to fly.
He’s a skillful  S.O.B. Let it be.

Someone with no brain sold a carpet airplane.
Folks are knocking on the door of a store.

Jesus, women are kidnapped.
In a pitfall they are trapped.
How often sex is safe in a cave?

It's impossible to stand
An emerging foul trend.
Yea wood goblins fight within. What a scene.
For the money for a drink
They would pawn a wedding ring.
Life is hard for everyone. What's the plan?

Every goblin begs a wife:
“I just wanna back my life.
I am thirsty very much. Light a match.
Give few rubles or greenbacks.
Otherwise, I'll take an ax.
I'll be sorry not too much. Just a touch.”

Where’re animals unseen?
Where’s that two-headed twin?
It appears that they rest on a crest.

It's no secret nowadays
Curving Shore left no trace.
What the poet wrote in past didn’t last.

Go, go, anguish, out of my chest
Since a real fairy tale’s definitely best.

Не владею языком, но за то что сделано... Спасибо!

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