I shall do it

My mind forgoes peace; I won't set it free,
Unless I abdicate the selves I shouldn't be.
I'm on the brink to yell an ardent farewell.
One day, I'll get a chance to leave my useless hell.

I know every bend and corner of my cage.
I'm satiated with the faded Stone Age.
I'll have redemption in the kingdom of my kin.
One day, the deaf will hear what I have to sing.

What I need is a dream to sail across;
I am lured by the shores unseen.
What I need is a try vain no more;
I am all for a soar this time.

I shall do it - whatever they say -
I shall do it - the way is the same.
I shall do it, rid of any doubt,
Never freaking out, always proud.