Glenn Close

March 19th - Glenn Close’s birthday.

Glenn Close - an actress, singer on stage, film, television.
From early childhood she had a dream, passion or vision.
Glenn has possessed willpower, courage, strength, drive,
Believing that to success she would’ve eventually arrived.
Close’s open to available to her professional opportunity.
She has conveyed self with a unique homogeneity, unity.
Glenn never feels stagnated, rather continues to advance.
She is courageous exploring each given possibility, chance.
Close is domestically, internationally acclaimed, recognized.
She has fulfilled her gifts, potentials, evolved or optimized.
Glenn’s full of energy, force, eagerness, resilience, passion.
Her talent, dedication to the arts deserves standing ovation.
March 19th is Glenn Close’s birthday – our congratulations!
You are a gem in Hollywood, versatile actress – a sensation!
May you be always as vivacious, inspirational, enthusiastic!
We love and value you, Glenn, you’re absolutely fantastic!

Copyright©2013 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet