Shirley Temple

April 23rd - Shirley Temple’s birthday.

Shirley Temple – an autobiographer, film and TV actress, singer and dancer.
When she was three, her mother found to her career or profession answer.
Shirley was natural, determined, talented, she learned to sing, act, dance.
She utilized her energy, will power, courage for her skills to be advanced.

She was lovable, loving, sweet, charming, naпve, vulnerable, sensitive, caring.
Her characters – girls with a challenging childhood who learned to be daring.
Temple inspires, encourages, touches while penetrating souls, hearts, minds.
Of our childhood with wonder, dreams, joy, happiness, fun Shirley reminds.

Temple’s fondly expressed wit, cleverness, warmth, grace, charisma, vitality.
She has possessed professionalism, self-discipline and a resilient personality.
Shirley exhibits a strong work ethics – main source of her success and pride.
She has been very dedicated to multiple roles that she has taken on or tried.

Shirley has always been hard working with drive, integrity, respect, expertise.
She worked for the United Nations, was opt, efficient to problem solve or seize.
Temple’s successfully combined and balanced her career, family, dreams, goals.
She’s persevered, accomplished, throve, fulfilled ambitions despite some falls. 

April 23rd is birthday of Shirley Temple – Hollywood legend, true professional.
Her contribution to the performing arts and diplomacy has been sensational.
Shirley, we wished you had continued pursuing your important human mission!
You'd lived your life with happiness, longevity and never failing intuition!

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