I look in the mirror
But I see only zero
‘Cause I’m the one
Who has been gone…

I try to see in the dark
A twinkle or little spark
And I also try to find
Where there hides my mind

I hear the whisper
Of dark whirling twister
Which bring me to land
Where I wish to stand

I remember black night
With no light, with no light…
Then I lost my dreams ‘n desires
Gone astray into great Devil’s wires

I lose myself again
‘Cause it is so real pain
Lord, let this hurting rain
Clean up my poisoned brain

..And now I look in the mirror
But again I see only zero
Because I’m a poor little one
Who has been forever gone…

Wr: 04.05.2004
Ren: 09.10.2012

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