Katherine Hepburn

May 12th - Katherine Hepburn’s birthday.  In 2012 there is 105 years since she was born.

Katharine Hepburn was a Hollywood’s talented, leading actress.
Her contribution, dedication to the film industry was matchless.
She was independent and strong portraying it in her movie roles.
Katharine was determined to fulfill her calling, dreams and goals.

Ms. Hepburn had succeeded in films, stage as well as television.
She always had her own agenda, script ideas and her own vision.
Katharine was courageous taking risks, whether on stage or screen.
Investing discipline and effort, she was an ambitious movie queen.

She played in screwball comedies and dramas, received four Oscars.
Between her films and stage plays Hepburn each time moved faster.
If a specific project did not work the way she wanted or expected.
She hadn’t given up, but kept exploring other options, then elected.

Her personality consisted of stamina, resilience, persistence, drive.
Katharine exhibited decisiveness and would professionally thrive.
She utilized her talent and excelled her skills, continuing to evolve.
To roles she’d chosen, she would commit and passionately involve.   

Hepburn projected strength while deep inside hid her vulnerability.
She handled challenges in life with her assertiveness, intelligibility.
Katharine had advocated in her own way for women’s emancipation,
Which had eventually led to major social change or transformation.

She was proficient in tennis, diving, wrestling, golf, swimming, riding.
Katharine was physically athletic, mentally strong, while self-confiding.
She manifested optimism, enthusiasm and unconventional individuality.
Despite her ups and downs, she had maintained, retained her popularity.

Hepburn’s self-confidence, eccentric attitude had blended with humility.
She is remembered for her beauty, talent, motivation, wit and viability.
May 12th is Katherine Hepburn’s birthday, we think of her in our spirit.
She had invested energy contributing to social and entertainment pivot.

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

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