Lillian Gish

October 14th - Lillian Gish’ birthday.  In 2012 there is 119 years since she was born.

Lillian Gish was a well-known stage, television and screen actress – a star.
She put her foot into her film career door that was for Lillian not far, ajar.
Her talent, artistry and beauty helped her to achieve her dream or goal.
She was content, driven, persistent, ambitious pursuing her acting role.

Gish started acting in the silent movies having transitioned to talking films.
She was an alluring, imitable actress always perfecting her dramatic skills.
Lillian exhibited strength, courage, passion, creativity and emotionality,
Which had contributed to her versatility, style and apparent individuality.

“The Scarlet Letter,” “Intolerance,” “Broken Blossoms,” “The Birth of Nation”…
Gish was a movie star in 1910s and 1920s inevitably becoming a sensation.
Starring in “Duel in the Sun,” “Night of the Hunter,” “The Whales of August,”
“The First Lady of American Cinema” maintained her status, artistry and focus.

Lillian Gish believed that in film industry one must possess a certain quality.
In order to succeed an actress or an actor needs “Taste, Talent, Tenacity.”
Gish was consistent with her belief and had conducted herself with dignity,
Contributing to film for 75 years with dedication, hard work, grace, affinity.

October 14th - Lillian Gish’ birthday, we are remembering her in our mind.
She was a master of her craft, professional, who left her legacy behind.
Gish had transformed vaudeville style of acting into a new, artistic form,
Evolving and establishing an innovative foundation, standard or norm.

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