The whole world for breakfast

I'm eating for breakfast the clouds from the sky,
I'm drinking the bottle of moon in the night,
Spaghetti with sunshines for lunch is so dry
I'll put there sauce with sunrising light. 

Few sips of blue ocean and cake from the stars,
One bite of  the mountain with white snowy top
And cocktail with color of red deeply Mars
I'm eating this beauty of planet nonstop. 

I'm eating the beauty of world with my eyes
So thirsty, so hungry , so opened and wild!
I'm dreaming, enjoying sunset and sunrise 
Increasing my soul, my heart and my mind!!!!!

you may be drink hot space
with all surround place
it's easy, it's not hard
you wonderful - талант
привет !

Сергей Зуйков   17.09.2012 20:10     Заявить о нарушении
Thank you my dear!!!!! Приветик!!!!!;))))талант!;)))

Илона Явтушенко   18.09.2012 05:23   Заявить о нарушении