Scott Hamilton

August 28th - Scott Hamilton’s birthday.

Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Champion in figure skating.
His style, artistic execution is vibrant, unique, fascinating.
Scott’s attitude is positive, as he exudes charm, warmth.
On ice, in real life fulfills his dreams, evolves, transforms.
Hamilton has skated with much confidence, drive and speed.
He is a master of his trade, he wins his battles and can lead.
Scott has portrayed on ice professionalism and his versatility.
He views things not as problems, but opportunity, possibility.

He integrates his personal experiences, manifests emotions,
Investing innovative spirit, talents, passion, skills, devotion.
Scott is an example of enthusiasm, strength, courage, peace.
Humanity, faith, kindness, inspiration does generously release.
His heartedness and thoughtfulness is ample, transcending.
To make the world a better place he is proactively tending.
Scott has successfully pursued his humanitarian mission.
People around him appreciate his motivational rendition.
Scott focuses on entertainment and humanitarian endeavor.
He’s buoyant, empowering, genuine, refreshing, wise, clever.
Scott is a true role model for previous and current generation.
His virtues are courage, right attitude, confidence, innovation.

Today is Scott Hamilton’s birthday.  We wish you, Scott, bliss!
May life bring you joy, health, fulfillment that are simply fierce!
You are like a star brightly shining on Earth, in Universe’s infinity.
We thank you for kindness, good deeds, compassion and dignity!

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet