He is your friend, let him dream;
He’s not your brother, he’s not yr. father,
He’s not St. Michael he’s a guy.

He’ married, he works, go on sleeping
On the other side of the world,
Go thinking in the Great European Night

I’m explaining him to you my way not yours,
Child, Dog, - listen: go find your soul,
Go smell the wind, go far.

Life is a pity. Close the book, go on,
Write no more on the wall, on the moon,
At the Dog’s, in the sea in the snowing bottom.

Go find God in the nights, the clouds too.
When can it stop this big circle at the skull
oh Neal; there are men, things outside to do.

Great huge tombs of Activity
in the desert of Africa of the heart,
The black angels, the women in bed

with their beautiful arms open for you
in their youth, some tenderness
Begging in the same shroud.

The big clouds of new continents,
O foot tired in climes so mysterious,
Don’t go down the otherside for nothing.