Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur

          You aint just whistlin
               Dixie, Sea
          Cherson! Cherson!
              We calcimine fathers
          here below!
          Kitchen lights on
               Sea Engines from Russia
               seabirding here below
      When rocks outsea froth
           Ill know Hawaii
           cracked up & scramble
           up my doublelegged cliff
           to the silt of
      a million years

Shoo - Shaw - Shirsh
Go on die salt light
     You billion yeared
           rock knocker
Sad as wife & hill
Loved as mother & fog
Oh! Oh! Oh!
     Sea! Osh!
Wheres yr little Neppytune

These gentle tree pulp pages
whichve nothing to do
with yr crash roar,
          liar sea, ah,
were made for rock
tumble seabird digdown
         footstep hollow weed
move bedarvaling
    crash? Ah again?
Wine is salt here?
    Tidal wave kitchen?
Engines of Russia
    in yr soft talk

Les poissons de la mer
    parle Breton
Mon nom es Lebris
    de Keroack
Parle? Poisson? Loti?
Parlning Ocean sanding
        crash the billion rocks


    Ker plotsch
         Shore shoe
god brash

The headland looks like
a longnosed Collie sleeping
with his light on his
          nose, as the ocean,
     obeying its accommodations
     of mind, crashes in
          rhythm which could
     & will intrude, in thy
          rhythm of sand
-Big frigging shoulders
on that sonofabitch

Parle, O, parle, mer, parle,
    Sea speak to me, speak
        to me, your silver you light
    Where hole opened up in Alaska
        Gray shh wind in
        The canyon wind in the rain
            Wind in the rolling rash
        Moving and t wedel
                Diving sea
O bird la vengeance
         De la roche

Rare, he rammed the gate
rare over by Cherson, Cherson,
we calcify fathers here below
-a watery cross, with weeds
entwined This grins restoredly,
     low sleep Wave Oh, no,
     shush Shirk Boom plop
     Neptune now his arms extends
         while one million of souls
         sit lit in caves of darkness
-What old bark? The dog
mountain? Down by the Sea
     Engines? God rush Shore
Shaw Shoo Oh soft sigh
we wait hait twined like
     larks Pissit Rest not
-Plottit, bisp tesh, cashes,
     re tav, plo, aravow,
shirsh, - Whos whispering over
        there the silly earthen creek!
   The fog thunders We put
       silver light on face We
   took the heroes in A billion
   years aint nothing

O the cities here below!
   The men with a thousand
   arms! the stanchions of
   their upward gaze! the
   coral of their poetry! the
        sea dragons tenderized, meat
        for flesh fish
            Navark, navark, the fishes
        of the Sea speak Breton
            wash as soft as peoples
        dreams We got peoples
        in & out the shore, they call
            it shore, sea call it
                pish rip plosh The
                5 billion years since
                earth we saw substantial
                chan Chinese are
                the waves the woods
                are dreaming

No human words bespeak
the token sorrow older
than old this wave
becrashing smarts the
         sand with plosh
         of twirled sandy
thought Ah change
     the world? Ah set
     the fee? Are rope the
         angels in all the sea?
         Ah ropey otter
     barnacled be
         Ah cave, Ah crosh!
             A feathery sea

Too much short Where
    Miss Nop Tonight?
Wroten Kerarch
     in the labidalian
     aristotelian park
with slime a middle
-And Ranti forner
who pulled pearls by
rope to throne
     the King by
          the roll in the
     forest of everseas?
Not everseas, be seas

The woman with her body
in the sea The frog who
never moves & thunders, sharsh
-The snake with his body
    under the sand The dog
with the light on his nose,
supine, with shoulders so
enormous they reach back to
     rain crack The leaves hasten
         to the sea We let them
             hasten to be wetted & give
         them that old salt change, a
             nuder think will make you see
         they originate from the We Sea
             anyway No dooming booms
         on Sunday afternoons We
             run thru the core of cliffs
         blam up caves, disengage no
             jelly or jellied pendant

                Our armies of
         anchored seaweed in the
             coves give of the smell
of jellied salt

Reach, reach, some leaves
     havent hastened near
     enuf Roll, roll, purl
     the sand shark floor
     a greeny pali andarva
     -Ah back Ah forth
     Ah shish Boom, away,
     doom, a day Vein we
     firm The sea is We
         Parle, parle, boom the
             earth Aree Shaw,
             Sho, Shoosh, flut,
             ravad, tapavada pow,
         coof, loof, roof, -
            No, no, no, no, no, no
            Oh ya, ya, ya, yo, yair

            Which one? the one? Which
one? The one ploshed
            The ploshed one? the same,
                ah boom Whos that ant
that giant golden saltchange
ant magnifying my mountain
of feet? Tis Finder, finding
     the change in thought to join
          the boomer hangers in the
     cave a light And built a
          house above it? Never fear,
              naver foir, les bretons qui
     parlent la langue de la Mar
         sont espanol comme le cui
             du Kurd qui dit le maha
         prajna paramita du Sud?
             Ah oui! Ke Vlum!
                Glum sea, silent me

         They aint about to try
      it them ants who wear
      out tunnels in a week
      the tunnel a million years
      won no Down around
          the headland slobs for weed,
          the chicken of the sea
               go yak! they sleep
          Aroar, aroar, arah, aroo
      Otter me otter me daughter me sea
      -me last blue lagoon inside of
        me, the sea Divine is the
        substance all over the Sea
                Of space we speak &
            hasten Let no mouth
        swallow the sea Gavril
        Gavro the Cherson Chinese
             & Old Fingernail sea Is
        ringin yr ear? Dier, dee?
             Is Virgin you trying to
                fathom me

Tiresome old sea, aint you sick
     & tired of all of this merde?
this incessant boom boom
& sand walk you people
     hoary rockies here to Fuegie
     & never get sad? Or despair
     like a German phoney?
     Just gloom booboom & green
         on foggy nights the fog is part
     of us
               I know, but tired
     as I can be listening to all
         this silly majesty
                Who is this fish
     sitting unsunk? Run up
     a Hawaii typhoon smash him
     against his rock Well jelly you,
          jellied man, show you essential
              jello of the sea King
                of the Sea.

No Monarch ever Irish be?
     Ju see the Irish sea?
Green winds on tamarack vines
Joyce James Shhish
     Sea Sssssss see
-mnavash la vache
     ecriture the sea dont say
     much actually

Gosh, she,
huzzy , tow, led men
on, Ulysses and all them
fair headed moin
Terplash, & what difference
make! One little white
    spark of light!
Hair woven hands
        Penelope seaboat
    smeller Courtiers in
        Telemachus sguise
        dropedary dropedary
        creep Or
        Franc gold rippled
    that undersea creek
    where fish fish for
    fisher men Salteen
         breen the wet Souwesters
    of old Portugee Prayers
             Tsall tangled, changed,
salt & drop the sand
     & weed & water brains
       entangled Rats
     of old Venetian yellers
     Ariel Calibanned
       to Roma Port
Pow spell -
     Speak you parler,
in this my mothers
   parlor, wash your
undershoes when you
     come in, say thanks
  to foggy moon

  Go brash, Topahta
  offat, - well gray
    ye rose Morning
    primord creeper sees
    the bird of paravision
  dying tweet the yellow
mouthroof! How sweet
    the earth, yells sand!
     Xcept when tumble
      O we wait too
for Heaven all
in One
       All is there
In far & sight

Im going to wash now
   old Pavia down,
 & pack my salt
     to Either Town-
     Cliffs of Antique
     aint got no rose,
     the mornings seen
 the ledder pose
  Boom de boom dey
     the sea is me
     We are the sea
     It aint all snow
We wash Fujiyama down
     soon, & sand
  crookbird back
We hie bash
rock ak
   Long short
   Low and easy
   Wind & many freezing
bottoms and luckrock
Endymion thou tangled
dreamer love my thigh
-Rose, Of Shelley,
 Rose, O Urns!
   Ogled urns in fish eye

    Cinco sea the Chico sea
   the Magellan headland sea
-What hype sidereal did he put down
  bending beatnick sea goatee
  over old goat manuscripts
  to find the other side of Flat?
     See round, see the end of me?
  Rounden huge bedoom?
     Awp hole cave & shwrul
   sand & salt & hair eyes
-Strong enuf to make
   coffee grow in your hair
   Whose plantation Neptune got?
     That of Atlas still down there,
     Hesperids his feet, Sur his sleet,
     Irish Sea fingertip
     & Cornwall aye his soul

Shurning Shurning plop
  be dosh This sigh old learnings
  high beside me Rough
    old hands have played out
  pedigree, weve sunk more boats
  than dreamerll ever ever see
-Burning Burning The world
 is burning & needs waaater
-Ill have a daughter,
     oughter, wait & see
       Churning, Churning, Me
                Panties Panties
  these ancient fancies are
     so girling Youve not seen
    mermaids in my actual sea
-Youve not seen sexless babies
  with breasts of Majesty
      My wife My wife
      Her name is Oh so really
                high life

The low life Kingdom where
we part out tea, is sea
  side Me
         Josh coof patra
   Aye ee mo powsh
Ssst Cum here read me
   Dirty postcard Urchin sea
     Karash your name -?
  Wanta swim, sink or swim?
  Ears ringing again?
    Sea vibrate rhytm
  crash sets off cave
     hanger blowers whistling
  dog ear back to sea
          Gerudge Napoleon nada

   Pluto eats the sea
   Hands folded by the sea
   On est tous caches, mange
le silence, dissent les poisons de la
   mer Ah Mar Gott
   Thalatta Merde Marde
   de mer Mu mer Mak a vash
     The ocean is the mother
     Je ne suis pas mauvaise quand jsuis
       tranquille dans les tempetes
       jcries! Comme une folle!
          jmange, jarrache toutes!
           Clock Clack Milk
           Mai! mai! mai! ma!
           says the wind blowing sand
             Pluto eats the sea
                Ami go da che pop
                Go Come Cark
              Care Kee ter da vo
  Kataketa pow! kek kek kek!
  Kwakiutl! Kik!
    Some of theserather taratasters
 trapped hyra tecere thaped
   the anadondak ram ma lat
 round by Krul to Pat the lat
     rat the anaakakalked
     romon tottek
       Kara VOOOM
          Feet cold? wade Mind sore?
sim sin Horny? lay the sea!
  Corny? Try me
          Ussens here hang no more
  here we go, ka va ra ta
plowsh, shhh,
  and more, again, ke vlook
  ke bloom & here comes
      big Mister Trosh
      -more waves coming,
   every syllable windy

   Back wash palaver
paralarle paralleling
parle pe Saviour
A troublesome spirit
hanging here cant make it
   in the void The seall
only drown me These words
   are affectations
of sick mortality
    We try to make our way
   in self reliance, aid
     not ever comes too quick
     from wherever & whatever
     heaven dear may have
     suggested to promise us

But these waves scare me
I am going to die
  in full despair
  Wake up where?
     On second breath in life
  the atmosphere is dearer
     maybe closer to Heaven
Is the sea really so bad?
  Have you sent men
here for this cold clown
& monstrous eater at the
  world? whose sound
        I mock?

God Ive got to believe in you
  or live in death!
  Will you save us all?
       Soon or now?
  Send illumination
    to our drowning brains
-Were pitiful, Lord,
 we need yr help!
    Save us, Dear
    (Save yourself, God man,
      ha ha!)

    If you were God man
youd command these waves
   to very well Tennyson stop
       & even Tennyson
          is dear
                now dead
  Leave it to the light
   Concern yourself with supper,
     & an eye

    somebodys eye a wife,
 a girl, a friend, an animal
-a blood let drop
 he for his sea,
   he for his fire,
      thee for thy desire

  The sea drove me away
    & yelled Go to your desire!
  -As I hurried up the valley
It added one last yell; -
               And laugh!

        Even the sea cant stop me from
     writing something to read in my old age
-This is the chart of brief forms,
  this sea the briefest Shish yourself
After scaring me like that, Mar,
Ill excoriate yr slum yr
  iodine weeds & slime hoops,
  even yr dried hollow seaweed
      stinks you stink all over
   Boom Try that, creep
      The little Monterey fishingboat
   glides downward home 15 miles to go,
   be home to fried fish & beer bfive
   It guides the sea its bird routes
 -Silver loss forever outward
-From blue sky of human bridges
to the massive mawkcloud sea center
  heap to the gray
    Some boys call it gunboat blue,
      or gray, but I call it
      the Civil War of Rocks
-Rocks come air, rocks come water
      & rock rocks
Kara tavira, mnash grand bash
-poosh labas croosh
 La haut Plash au pied
    Peeeee Rolle test boulles
      Manche dla rache
        The handsome King prevails
      over boom sing bird head
      Crache tes idees, spit yr ideas,
      says the sea, to me, quite
      appro private ly
          Pss! pss! pss!
          Ps! girl inside!
          Red shoes scum, eyes of old
  sorcerers, toenails hanging down
      in the barrel of old firkin cheese
      the Dutchman forgot teat that
                nineteen O
  When torpedoed by gunboat
    Pedro in the Valley
of a Million Fees?

When Magellan crosseyed
  ate the Amazonian feet
And, Ah, when Colombo crosst!
When Drake sir francised the waves
    with feeding of the blue jay
     dark pounded his aleward
    tank before the boom,
  housed up all thoughts of Erik
     the Red the Greenland caperer
& builder of rockdungs in New
   Port New yet
 Oldport Indian Fishhead
 Oldport Tattoo Kwakiutl Headpost
     taboo potash Coyotl potlatch?
Old Primitive Columbia
Named for Colom bus?
   Name for Aruggio Vesmarica
      Ar! Or! Da!
         What about Verrazano?
 he sailed!
         He Verrazano zailed & we
      statened his Island in on deep

in on dashun
            Rotted the Wallower?
     Sinners liars goodmen all
   sink waterswim drink Neptunes
     nectar the zal sotat -
       Zal sotate name for crota?
     Crota ta crotte, you aint
     bout to find (Jesus Christian!)
any dry turds here below
     Why fo no?
     Go crash yonder rock
    of bleak with yr filet mignon teeth
     & see For you, the hearth,
       the heart, the lock of hair
         For me, for us, the Sea,
       the murdering of time by eating
         lusty cracks of lip feed wave
           at aeons of sandy artistry
           till nothings left but old age
                newmorning primordial pain
           of sitters by
                the unborn
                of roses yet undone
        With weeds your roses,
sand crabs your hummers?
With buzzers in the sea!
   With runners in the deep!
This Sceptred Osh, this wide leg
   spanning rock U.S. to rock
    Ja Pan, this onstable
    roller roaming all,
    this ploosher at yr gory
     dry dung door, this mouth
    of silverwhite arring to hold thee,
     this purger of conscience
     arra for thee
     No mouse in here buts got
       a little glee and
       aft, or oft, the osprey
       in his glees agley
           Oh purty purty ocean
             Sop! bring the Scepter down!
  Again youve accepted me!

  Breathe our iodine, filthy yr drink,
faint at feet wet, drop
  yr profile move it in the sea,
float weeded watery Adonais
  longs for thee - & Shelley three,
   thats three burn in salt
  with slow most change
  Weve had no crack at eternity
  in a billion years of trying
     one grain of sand possesses
  3 thousand worlds of glee
  not to mention me
            Ah sea
      Ah si Ah so
shoot shiver mix
  ha roll tara ta ta
  curlurck Kayash Kee
Pearls pearls in the yellow West
-Yellow sky to China
Pacific we named here
  water as always meeting
  water Pacific Pacific
    Pacific tapfic geroom
gedowsh gaka gaya
    Tatha gata mana
    What sails used old bhikkus?
    Dhikkus? Dhikkus!
What raft mailed Mose
to the hoven dovepost?
  What saved Blackswirl
  from the Kidd plank?
What Go-Bug here?
  Seet! Seeeeeeeeeeee
  eeeeeee kara
        Pounders out yar

Big Sur they call this sand
   these rocks this creek?
   Raton Canyon by name pours
   Coyote leaves & old Pomo bones
& old dust of Tomahawks
   into your anglerd maw
   My salt maw shall salvage
   Taylors sewing in the room
Sewing weed shrat for hikers
  in the milky silt
  Sewing crosswards
     for certainty Sartan
  are we of Price Victory
  in this salt War with thee
  & thine thee jellied yink!
     Look O the sea here called
        Pacific Sea!

My golden empty soulll
outlast yr salty sill
-the Windows of my jelly eye
 & fish head muck look out on thee
  slit, with cigar-a-mouth,
 some contempt
            Yet I hie me to see you
-you hie thee to eat
 me Fair in sight
    and worn, aright
Arra! Aroo!
    Ger der va
    Silly silent cities in the sea
  have children playing cardboard
mush with eignyard old Englander
      beeplates slickered oer with scum
               of histories below

No tempest as still & awful
         as the tempest within
Sorcerer hip! Buddhalands
       & Buddhaseas!
 What sails Maudgalyayana used
     he only knows to tell
   but got kilt by yellers
screaming down the cliff
              Lets go home!
-leave marge smashed djamas
Maudgalyayana was murdered by the sea
     But the sea dont tell
  The sea dont murder
     The seadrang scholars
       oughter know that
       go back to School
  Hear over there the ocean motor?
Feel the splawrsh of it?
Six silly centepedes here, Machree
               Ah Ratatatatatat
the machinegun sea, rhythmie
  balls of you pouring in
  with smooth eglantine
    in yr pedigreed milkpup
    Tinder marsh aright arrooo -
      arrach arrache
    Kamach monarch
      Kerarch Jevach
      Tamana gavow
        Va Voovla Via
          Mia mine

     Farewell, Sur

     Didja ever tell him
   about water meeting water -?
O go back to otter
    Term Term Klerm
   Kerm Kurn Cow Kow
    Cash Cach Cluck
      Clock Gomeat sea need
        de deep I see you
          soon anarf
    in Old Brittany

21 August 1960
Pacific Ocean at Big Sur

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