Life - is Hell 
The human cruelty lives in it only 
Day pass'll'way 
In precipice so fathomless black lonely 
Impossible to wait! 
Day,when I'll die.And cut off 
Nets of hellish range 
No here faith, 
No prays in death for me 
May be it's just only revenge& 
Like corpses, 
They are goin' by razor blade

Death,like total sum of life 
Sunlight does growdin in your own eyes 
So, livin' whom' you were? 
What did you grasped in is life? 

Blood and suffering, like wicked star; 
World full of spite and terror - 
May all goes' way in nowhere forever 
But only Death could produce restin' dust. 

Gaze into emptess - 
So eyes clouds by the fogg 
Gloom before me 
Reality in lie.I know. 
Malicious fatality 
All burns like fire hell 
But only dreams 
Could help me!Forget this pain 
Light in black doom 
Like angel flies 'bove me 
Light see again 
And strive for it my soul. 

Die! - You'll fly to fairy Heaven. 
Die! - Can't find there anger of man. 
Die! - The pitiable terror would you livin'. 
Die! - You'll find peace for yo'soul my man.