Thanks people who invented Skype

I wish i were with you this day
The day of Children in the World.
But i'm so far, so far away…
And you can't hear my any word:

How much I love, how much I care
That you're my rabbit, little sun...
Oh God, so hard, so hard I swear
To be so far away from son.

Please, mommy, bring him to the Skype!
And we will meet, and we will talk.
It brings me up into the sky!
I'm waiting, waiting one o'clock...

Eight hours difference between-
When you wake up I go to sleep
I want to cover you with wing
And sing you nanny-song so deep.

It's time!!!!You say "Hello" and wave!
And I'm so happy like a child.
I feel addicted like a slave-
Thanks people who invented Skype.

I touch your face in monitor,
I print my finger on your nose:)
I kiss you baby, more and more.
I give my hand- you give me yours.

Oh son. I'm happy! See you soon.
And i will hold you touch and kiss
My little star, i am your moon.
I miss you always! How I miss...

Devoted to World Children's Day and my son Nikita.