Marilyn Monroe

June 1st – Marilyn Monroe’s birthday.  In 2012 it has been 86 years since she was born.

Marilyn Monroe, formerly Norma Jean Baker, was the world’s sex symbol.
In Hollywood she made a revolution, unexpected transformation, novel spindle.
Starting to work as gorgeous model, and then transitioning to singing, acting,
She had become a legend, icon in the United States – an image she'd been landing.

Marilyn Monroe was vulnerable and insecure due to mistreatments in her fate,
She did attempt to challenge it and gradually learned evolving and to negotiate.
Although her childhood brought her series of deeply painful, hurtful experience,
She had not given up developing her courage, faith, hope, strength, resilience.

Most people had perceived her only as a sex symbol for her body, face,
Which they adored, obsessed with and had a tendency to praise and chase.
Beyond her looks people had failed to see and recognize her inner beauty.
Communicating it to the world, finding understanding she made life's duty.

Monroe was more than just a famous actress, model, singer and producer,
As well as an attractive woman, a world’s sex symbol – a natural seducer.
She was kind and compassionate promoting sensitivity, equality, humility.
Monroe felt each of us had birth right to unravel, utilize God given versatility.

She took an opportunity to help minorities serving herself as their catalyst.
Marilyn had advocated for the poor and disadvantaged as a sincere activist.
As an example, Monroe had helped Ella Fitzgerald to become well known.
Many had underestimated her as spiritual person and how much she’d grown.

Marilyn appeared to be born ahead of her time, for which she had to suffer.
She overcame hurt, poverty, abuse and loneliness able to new life rediscover.
Monroe had given herself genuinely and generously to the entire world as gift.
She made a major contribution to film industry making refreshing pivot, shift.

Despite of fame and status of celebrity, Monroe remained as humble, shy.
She was herself in life and motion pictures, as she could not pretend or lie.
Monroe had sought people’s support, reliability and human understanding.
Only a few of them invested their efforts and to her life had been attending.

Today is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, to her we give our applauds and tribute.
Her talent, beauty, stardom, kind soul were inevitably inspiring and vivid.
It’s sad she left too soon and sudden, being young, loving and caring, driven.
We all wish Marilyn would have a longer life to have been lived and given.

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

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