April 29th - International Dance Day

April 29th – International Dance Day.

What do we hear, see, feel, think and understand about dance?
We welcome of self-expression, reflection, utilization chance.
We gradually observe, absorb, internalize the process of vibration
In our Universe’s vacuum, enriched with infinite communication.

What do we interpret, imagine and dream pertaining dance?
We watch diverse performances with a closer look or glance.
Inevitably we dissolve in it and freely fly in its dimension,
Filled with abundance of spirituality, joy, positive intention.

What do we focus on or emphasize in state-of-the-art dance?
To grow and wish for our skills to hone, refine, enhance.
We learn from our teachers, legends, geniuses or masters
How to implement techniques and artistry in daily practice.

What do we like about the shape and form of our dance?
We do enjoy our learning, improving a ballet-style stance.
Promoting movement, we appear dainty, gracious and poetic.
We polish our routine, which tends to be intense, athletic.

What do we value, appreciate about versatility of dance?
Love? Passion? Tenderness? Sentimentality? Romance?
We fall in love with dance just like with a human being.
We dive in and out of feelings’ ocean, euphoria receiving.

What do we notice about connection of life and dance?
It is therapeutic or healing in an occurring circumstance.
Our life and dance share a concept of ongoing forward motion.
We persevere moving ahead, towards success with our devotion.

What do we know about multiple faucets and roles of dance?
Is it of lightness, freshness, novelty, free spirit chants?
We integrate the quality of each for metamorphosis mission,
While executing vigor, versatility and virtuosity rendition.

What do we achieve when choosing to engage in dance?
In our endeavors, we evolve as artists reaching desired ranks.
We are enriching our souls and spirits with wisdom, bliss.
The opportunity to grow, transform we do not want to miss.

What do we say about or how do we define the word of “dance?”
It is a universal language, in which we’re fluent and advanced.
Let us continue to communicate while being open minded, kind
And self-efficient in affairs of soul and spirit, heart and mind.

What do we learn about the ethics and influence of dance?
Awareness, consistency, hard work and discipline attempts?
Through dance communicating peace and thriving for equality,
We pioneer, foster and facilitate humility within humanity.

All individuals are welcome to celebrate the International Dance Day.
This special holiday allows us to truly experience, grow and portray
The beauty, freedom, mindfulness, awareness, depth and tranquillity -
In our abundant world of love, joy, happiness and endless possibility!   

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

* Photo is from the Internet