A Hill-top Prayer

To the great height above the mortals’ plains,
To the vast freedom of God’s blue domains
Climbing so hard, the spirit’s pilgrims bold
Pray with their souls for the anguished world.
From the sky-rearing crests that none has trod
They rise the hearts’ imploring hands to God:
Their souls aching for the world of grief,
They cry, they pray for the earth-hearts’ relief.
Their prayers soaring on the wings of light
Relume, redeem the world of lethal night;
Unheard, unseen in the dull mortals’ swoon,
They bring down the Immortals’ priceless boon.
The pilgrims of the Soul’s kingdoms high
Above the vale of woe, triumphant, fly:
Upsoaring with the winging hearts of flame
They save the earth with their imploring claim!
Defeating fate by the unswerving souls
They save the earth with their imploring calls!
The spirit’s heroes conquering the heights,
They save the earth with their imploring hearts!
The whole earth awakened with their call
In prayer rises to the Lord of all…

And the all-cry for the all-saving Grace
Draws down the Supreme’s redeeming gaze…
The Spheres are opened wide… Now the world-blaze,
The revelation bright, the flaming Face…


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The photo has been captured at dawn of 11.11.11 on the top of Chandrashila mountain (4000м), Himalayas, India.

From the photo-poetical cycle "The Images of the World in Photos and Poems":