And we ll wake in the Miracle-World

     All's miracle here and can by miracle change.

          Sri Aurobindo. Savitri, p. 85

I woke up all at once in a Miracle-World
Breathing deeply the magic its air…
Now the Beauty alive in her star-tender words
Whispers softly to me everywhere…

Now at each common pace wonders laughingly play
And the star-gleaming charms just spellbind
And adventures so sweet weave so lovely may way
As if danced by a Wizard so kind…

I am carried so far by the Miracle’s streams
In their bounty-waves’ smiling issue:
Now the harmony’s ether I drink and its beams
Change, transform all my essence and tissue…

Now the stars’ kisses bland feed my life with their light,
Now the miracles’ rays thrill my clay:
I’m awing, a swift silhouette stellar, dream-bright,
Meet the Marvel’s flash-eyes all the way…

Vast Joy-Spaces just open wide to my wings
Their embraces of infinite reaches
And the countless distances’ call sings and sings
Of the secrets of Love’s magic riches…

I woke up all at once in the Miracle-World
Breathing deeply the marvel its air —
All around the wonders alive dance so bold…
O New World! Wonder-World, you are here!

O you Magic of that Wonder-Dance of delight,
Bring to us your sweet World’s marvel-stars!
Everywhere now shine, the mirth-ether of light,
All your Bliss Fairy-Space to the hearts open wide —
Let the Star’s Wonder-Song carry us!

And we’ll wake in the Miracle-World…

Feb 2012

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