Sonja Henie

April 8th - Sonja Henie's birthday.  In 2012, it has been 100 years since she was born.

Sonja Henie – three-time Olympic Champion in figure skating.
Back in the days, she had achieved in sport and fame the highest rating.
She was World Champion ten times and European Champion six times.
Sonja shifted to Hollywood making her life a stardom and paradise.

Henie intended to succeed in sport and be the best no matter what.
She reached the highest heights no person could ever have had thought.
Sonja came up and implemented a new style of skating – innovation.
She was the first who integrated skating and ballet – a true sensation.

At younger age, Henie had seen Anna Pavlova’s performance magic.
Then utilized the choreography, with which her skating had been changing.
Her ballet style impressed the world, brought to the skating popularity,
Transforming skating to new form, filled with much novelty, variety.

Her skating was not just a sport, but art with glamorous expression.
When she performed, Sonja enriched her look with novel sense of fashion.
Henie was first to incorporate short skirt in her attire, she simply dared.
Her courage, drive, training, dedication cannot be fairly compared.

Sonja thrived to change the sport and turn it to spectacle or show.
By integrating skating, ballet, costumes, she did succeed and know
That people out there sought an innovative type of entertainment.
As a result, Henie had made it as her mission and an artist’s statement.

She pioneered a figure skating technical routine with jumps and spins.
Whatever Henie incorporates, she always excels and wins.
Sonja brought in competition and her shows technical mastery,
Combined with an exquisite ballet style – impressive artistry.

Henie invested time, consistent effort, discipline and energy
Into the figure skating training, ballet lessons, making a synergy.
She was a performer who was athletic, skillful, graceful and artistic.
Sonja was a shining star – gifted, hard working and optimistic.

Sonja Henie’ birthday is today, the eighth of April - we can’t forget,
Appreciating her virtuosity and versatility – the record she had set.
Henie inspired professionals and public to see skating as an art.
Sonja fully dedicated herself to it with true passion and kind heart.

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

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