Пётр Чернышёв

February 6th - Peter Tchernyshev’s birthday.

Peter Tchernyshev – Russian & American ice figure skater.
Having retired from amateurs became a coach a little later.
Throughout his career he has been an outstanding athlete.
Synthesis of sport and dance for him - his creativity outlet.

Peter's initially encouraged and inspired by his grandfather.
To practice skating for hours was fun & work, no bother.
Peter was conscientious, diligent, hard working & persistent.
As a result, it has paid off later in time, not in an instant. 

Starting with Eliazova and Annenko, he ended up with Lang.
It was Naomi, together both had trained, competed, hanged.
Skated to win the U.S. Championship, won on a row 5 times.
Naomi & Peter performed beautifully while dancing on ice.

Dancing is Tchernyshev’s passion, on ice as well on stage.
Participation in “Bolero” has been his life’s another page.
By turning on life’s pages, evolving, growing & succeeding,
Peter's discovered how much more he's currently achieving.

On Peter’s birthday - we fondly wish your dreams come true.
May life be magical as in a fairy tale, don't you get a clue.
We wish you lots of novelty and joy in life, on stage and ice!
Please do allow surprises to make entire life like a paradise.

Copyright©2012 Mila Alper

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