Explorer of the Holy Light

2012 (extension 04)

We call upon the Power of Light
From the depths of the Earth's Core Home;
Asking for a united solution
Log into Cherished Gospel Light.

By attention surrounds the root
Which is in the depths of ground;
Light Source loading
To the vessels – Power of the time.

Through feet, breathing Power
And release from the bottom to up,
Seeking to The One luminary,
In Healing for Everyone!

So Explorer of The Holy Light,
Vicar of God on The Earth,
Connects The Earth, The Sky
And Mercy in himself.

To turn on Source Light inside,
All superficial are  dissolving
Release the natural Crystal, -
The whole Beauty reflecting in it!

(To be continued ...)

( Translation of meaning  from Russian language,
original poetry text http://stihi.ru/2012/01/19/805,
by author )


Brilliant and never fading!
With eternal sisterly Warmth of unconditional Love, TaRA! AUM!_()_

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