Steven Spielberg

December 18th - Steven Spielberg's birthday.

Steven Spielberg – film producer, director, screenwriter.
Versatile, persistent, for his dreams he’s a fighter.
Steven's open minded having explored various themes.
He received acknowledgements, rewards for making films.
His films portray relationships of children and adults.
Kids feel unprotected, as if they don’t have their rights.
Parents ignore their children, alienate and/or neglect…
Being detached, self-centered and unwilling to protect.
Experienced childhood traumas, yet hasn’t given up
While others in his position might’ve simply stopped.
Yet Steven persevered pursuing his goals and dreams,
Using his personal experiences creatively in films.
His movies carry content through its own language
That people understand.  His dreams become contagious.
Spielberg resembles Disney in that the dreams come true.
He is a bright example people respectfully construe.
With his ability, talent to listen, reflect and execute
An action or emotion in motion out loud or in mute
Steven is kind and caring, trustworthy and courageous
Consistently having committed to humility engagement.
Spielberg’s respected history and cultures of all times
Reflected in his movies directly, and with no disguise.
Promoting further progress, exercising reasonable caution,
Steven’s  expressed with accuracy to prevent distortion.

Human rights and justice is a part of his life’s mission.
Spielberg communicates on screen a vivid, valuable vision.
He thrives for human happiness, equality and eternal peace.
His film stories are profound nobody would want to miss.

Our heartfelt birthday wishes are sent today to Steven.
His novelty and success have been continuously weaving.
We wish you, Mr. Spielberg, health, longevity and bliss!
Without reservation, you - irreplaceable Hollywood's Wiz!

Copyright©2011 Mila Alper

*Photo from the Internet