Walt Disney

December 5th - Walt Disney's birthday. In 2011, 110 years since he was born.

Walt Disney’s optimistic, innovative, versatile, kind.
A dreamer, genuine and generous, one of a kind.
Director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, entertainer,
Animator, philanthropist, theme part designer, trainer.

Walt trained all people sharing his ideas, aspirations
To make his dreams reality available to nations.
Walt’s faith in self and others, enthusiasm, tremendous courage
Became contagious, as millions of people he encouraged.

Walt’s gift to see a global picture all around
Was quite rare during his time that could be found.
Walt had a vision motivating him to bring to life.
He didn’t give up pursuing his ideas, in which he’d dive.

Walt Disney pioneered the world of future in Disneyland
Intending to expand imagination that would never end.
Walt wanted people to enjoy their lives, both children and adults.
His drive for human happiness touched deeply people’s minds and hearts.

Walt Disney’s message to all people is to dream and simply dare
Regardless what we choose in life as our mission and endeavor.
With interest in heart, true passion a person can succeed.
With courage anyone can plant and flourish dreams’ and talents’ seed.

December 5th – Walt Disney’s birthday people celebrate.
Walt had inspired many people to pursue their fate.
He’ll always be remembered for his dreams, mission, humility.
Walt Disney is a legend in the Universe’ infinity.

Copyright©2011 Mila Alper

* Photo from the Internet

Happy birthday! Not to You! But To Walt Disney! I liked Your thought about love. You say that You are LOVE. It's wonderful! Good luck!

Аниса Зинатуллина   05.12.2011 16:07     Заявить о нарушении
Thank you, Anisa, for your kind words. Wishing you much happiness, joy, love, peace and everything that's positive!

Best regards,

Мила Альпер   08.12.2011 07:21   Заявить о нарушении