He was immensely nice and sweet,
And everything went well!
I liked his manners, liked his wit,
So nothing rang a bell.
I liked his smile. I liked his eyes!
Attraction only grew!
Until he shouted in surprise
“Oh no! You are a Jew?!”
At first I thought it was a joke,
But that was not the case.
He sighed, got up, and left to smoke,
With anger on his face.
I fled my dear Motherland
To feel like I belong!
And yet he did not understand
That what he did was wrong!
I left my whole life behind
And cried for many nights.
And yet he managed to remind
Me of anti-Semites.
His friend tried to apologize,
But it was way too late.
And so, with tears in my eyes,
I left that double date.
I hope his heart shall never ache
From such a pain to quell.
I hope one day we’ll get to break
Discrimination’s spell.