I can choose

I can choose to feel good
I can choose to feel bad
I can choose my own mood
Feeling happy or upset.

I can choose to live my life
Filled with wisdom, kindness
I can choose revolt, defy
Or forgive with guidance.

I can be all I can be
Honest, loving, caring
I can fight for life or flee
Yet I’m brave and daring.

I can choose love that is true
In life’s equilibrium
In my mind I simply drew
Happiness’ continuum.

I can choose and simply be
A steward of abundance
Growing wise as ancient tree
With an open mindedness.

I can choose to fail, or thrive
While fulfilling talents
In life's journey I can drive
Successfully with balance.

I encourage you, my friend
To be your own person
Choose uniqueness as your brand
You’re the best, you’re awesome!

Copyright©2011 Mila Alper

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The best,

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